our approach
how we plan to achieve your business needs and requirements - planning for success

Managing the people side of change is both a science and an art.

We employ a holistic systems thinking approach to our change management solutions.

When applied to implementing change strategies, the systems thinking approach focuses on the required end result within the context of the 'bigger picture' (or greater organizational context). By doing this we ensure our change solution not only aligns to your business needs and requirements, but also aligns to other initiatives within your organization. This ensures a more sustainable and entrenched outcome.

In developing a change strategy our focus is on the goals we want to achieve, where we are now from realising those goals and what we need to do to move forward towards achieving our objectives, whilst continuously considering our environment in which we are operating in.

Reference: Stephen G. Haines (1998),
The Manager's Pocket Guide to Systems Thinking and Learning

There are different types of change within an organisation. Each type requires a different approach.

These types of changes can be grouped along the following lines:

Transformational (organizational) Transactional (project based) Transitional (wellbeing)
  • merging cultures
  • changing brands
  • shifting behaviours
  • aligning strategy and culture
  • organisational restructuring
  • entrenching values

Our approach assists by:

engaging stakeholders in the change process to obtain involvement, buy-in and a sense of ownership
executive sponsorship
for the proposed change
helping individuals prepare for, understand and accept proposed changes in their work environment
streamlining the transition to the new way of working by managing uncertainty and potential resistance to change

our methodology
methods we use to achieve your business needs and requirements

Each organisation follows their individual project methodology to ensure successful implementations are achieved.

Our specific Change Management methodology is based on best practices both nationally and internationally; our methods can be adapted and aligned to your project methodology or organisational framework.

Our proven approach and methodology allows us to identify, understand, achieve and measure the benefits of change both in business transformation and IT projects.